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Pre-Islamic Arabia 6th century AD

The pre-Islamic Arabs possessed certain natural virtues that marked them out in their contemporary world. They were unrivaled in eloquence in the skillful use of their language. Freedom and honour they valued before their lives. They were superb horseman. But centuries of isolation in the peninsula and morbid insistence on the faith of their forefathers had severely undermined their moral and spiritual... read more

Seerah In Pashto

  The Life Of Muhammad (pbuh)  in Pashto high quality audio. By Alhaj Mulla Enayatullah Almi           Serat01 - Intro Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Serat02 Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required... read more

Description of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

With Annotated Notes from the Commentaries of al-Hāfidh al-Munāwī (d. 1003H) «M» and Mullā ‘Alī al-Qārī (d. 1014H) «Q» With the Name of Allâh, the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful al-Hâfidh Abû ‘Isâ Muhammad bin ‘Isâ bin Sawrah at-Tirmidhî said:   Chapter One The Stature and Physical Characteristics of the Messenger of Allâh (SAW) §1. Abû Rajâ’, Qutaybah bin Sa’îd informed us; from Mâlik bin Anas;... read more

The Seal of the Prophets

To the historians advantage is one fact which should not be ignored when dealing with a look back at the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammed earlier life, his influence and the reverence generated for the ‘ mighty Arabian Teacher’ (Annie Bessant – ‘The Life and Teachings of Muhammed‘). He was born on April 20th 570 CE (Common Era or AD) on a Monday to the tribe of Banu Hashim.... read more

Miracles of Prophet Muhammad

The Messenger of Allah possesses many manifest miracles and signs demonstrating [his veracity], reaching thousands and they are well known. From amongst them was the Qur’an, the manifest and clear miracle and brilliant proof, falsehood cannot approach it from before it or behind it. It is a revelation from One Who is All-Wise and Praiseworthy. It incapacitated the most eloquent of people in the most... read more

The Prophet’s Ascension

In this verse of the Holy Quran, Allah Ascension (MERAJ). On the night of 27th Rajab, Allah on a journey to the seven skies on BURAQ. This journey is called MERAJ. On the night of 27th Rajab Angel Jibraeel came and woke the Prophet‘s command and conveyed Allah perform ablution (Wudhu), came out of His house, ascend on the Buraq and first visited the Holy Kaaba and from there to the Aqsa Mosque.... read more

After Prophethood

INTIMATIONS OF PROPHETHOOD: The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was forty when the first glimpses of light and of his future happiness appeared. The time of his mission approached. It had always been the Divine practice that whenever the darkness had become too intense and the wickedness widespread, a Messenger appeared. The Messenger of Allah’s distaste for what he saw... read more

Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

Every great story starts with a great person and surely one of the greatest of people was Prophet Ibrahim was the forefather of many great prophets and is held in high esteem by all the major revealed religions. These great prophets include Suliman, Musa, Dawud, Yahya, Isa and Muhammad, Peace be upon them all. They are all from the offspring of Ibrahim lived in a time, long before the time of Prophet... read more

Before Prophethood

MAKKAH AND THE QURAYSH: After a long journey, Ibrahim (Alayhis salam) approached Makkah, which lies in a valley between desolate mountains. As there was no water, crops could not grow and human life could not be sustained there. Accompanied by his wife Hajar and his son Isma’il, Ibrahim was fleeing from the cult of idol-worship which had spread throughout the world. He wanted to establish a centre in... read more

Miracle Of AI-Isra & AI-Miraj

The night journey and the ascension of Prophet Muhammad , the Lord oft he Worlds, the One Who exists without a place. To Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad , was blessed with the most miracles. Al-Isra’ and al-Mi’rqj are among the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad ) for a journey by night from Al-Masjid-al-Harâm (at Makkah) to... read more
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