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The Last Great Caliph: Abdülhamid II

Throughout Islamic history, one of the uniting aspects of the Muslim world was the caliphate. After the death of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, his close companion, Abu Bakr, was elected as the first khalifah, or caliph, of the Muslim community. His job as leader combined political power over the Muslim state as well as spiritual guidance for Muslims. It became a hereditary position, occupied at first by the Umayyad... read more

Lessons from the history of Islam

Lessons from the history of Islam – Lecture by Ahmad Ayad     ↓         Share this:MoreDiggShare on... read more

What is Islam?

Islam is a religion followed by many people around the world. People who follow Islam are called Muslims. Islam began in the Middle East. The Language of Muslim worship is Arabic. Islam is a Semitic religion, which has over 1.7 billion adherents all over the world with every inhabited country having a muslim. Islam comes from two root words, first is istaslama (استسلاما); which means ‘to submit’ or ‘give... read more

Who are Muslims?

Over the centuries, Islam spread from the Middle East to different parts of the world, Including Asia and Europe. Many Muslims live in these countries.   Fast Fact: The worldwide community of Muslims is called the Ummah. Share this:MoreDiggShare on... read more

What do Muslims Believe?

Muslims believe in one God (Allah SWT). They believe that Allah created the universe, the world and everything in it. Muslims only worship Allah. Muslims believe it is their duty to worship Allah because of everything he has provided.         The fundamental belief of a muslim: I Believe in Allah, and in Allah’s angels, and in the Holy Books, and in Allah’s Messengers, and... read more

Messengers From Allah

Muslims believe that Allah sent special people called prophets, to Earth.             THE KA’BAH The Ka’bah is the monument to the One God. It is a cube-shaped structure in the centre of the grand mosque in Makkah. First build by the prophet Adam and Isma’il was born, the Ka’bah had no fewer then 360 altars to different gods around it. Share... read more

The Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet... read more

The Five Pillars of Islam

Muslims have five key duties they try to carry out.  These are called the five pillars of Islam. These five pillars are: bearing witness, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage. These religious disciplines are rooted in the teachings of the Quran and in the example of the prophet... read more

Quran (The word of Allah)

Quran gives clear rules and instructions about how to lead a good life. The Quran has many important messages for Muslims and it is treated with great respect. Before reading the Quran, One is perfume Wudu. Quran should not be placed on the ground. Share this:MoreDiggShare on... read more

Daily Prayers

Praying to Allah is a very important part of Islam. Called Salat. The Quran tells Muslims how they should pray. muslims are expected to pray five times a day, no matter what they are doing, or where they happen to be. Daily prayers occurs just before sunrise,  just after noon, later afternoon, shortly after sunset, and after dark. Muslims can pray at home or any place that is clean, but it is considered... read more
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